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General information:

  • Before attending a class, check out the current sanitary measures

  • Check out the FAQ to know what you need to participate in on of our classes or appointments.

If you are a first timer, you have the possibility to book a private introduction session at a reduced price in order to discuss pour private training objective.

Book your private session
  • Personalized private apparatus session

    55 min
    85 euros
  • This is a trial session to discover Pilates machines

    55 min
    40 euros
  • A pregnancy session after the 3rd month of pregnancy

    55 min
    85 euros
  • A private session for new mothers (after 6 week checkup with doctor)

    55 min
    85 euros
  • A private session for new a new parent with the baby

    55 min
    85 euros

Choose your pricing plan

  • 10 Apparatus Privates

    10 private Apparatus sessions
    Valid for 15 weeks
    • 1-to-1 sessions
    • Personnalised training plan
    • For all type of privates (also pre/postnatal/parent-baby)
    • 82€ (TTC) per session
  • Best Value

    10 DUO Apparatus sessions

    10 duo sessions for apparatus classes
    Valid for 15 weeks
    • 10 Apparatus DUO sessions
    • Only 2 participants per class
    • Personalized training plan
    • 44€ (TTC) per session