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Our Pilates Instructors

At our studio, we are proud to introduce you to our team of dedicated Pilates instructors, each it's own unique expertise and passion for promoting Pilates in Luxembourg. Pilates is much more than just a set of exercises. Each instructor brings it's personal touch, it's own vision of Pilates, which makes each session unique. Explore how our instructors describe their approach to Pilates and what sets them apart


Founder & Pilates Instructor

Stéphanie Oswald 

"It brings me great pleasure to assist people in helping themselves. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you soon and help you achieve a better sense of well-being." ​ I've always been a sports enthusiast and have a deep love for the outdoors. However, a couple of years ago, I had to give up my favorite sports due to pain caused by osteoarthritis. I needed to find a new sport that I could enjoy without experiencing any pain while still finding pleasure in it. It was then that I began practicing Pilates. This marked t​he beginning of a new approach to training my body in a healthy manner: strengthening my core and restoring my flexibility. And that's when I began to experience a completely new sensation in my body. I quickly realized the benefits that Pilates was offering me. After just a few sessions, I felt significantly better during and after my workouts. Over a couple of months, I achieved a newfound sense of well-being with much less pain and a much bigger range of motion in my articulations. Today, I have a thorough understanding of how to care for my body and which exercises are most beneficial for my specific situation, especially since I had herniated discs and was suffering pain from sciatica. Training: I have completed 825 hours of teacher training certification with Corpus Studios (Level 3 Mat and Comprehensive) under the guidance of master trainer Kelly McKinnon. I have also completed specialized pregnancy training, which addresses the unique needs of pregnant and postpartum women. Teaching languages English, French, German, Luxembourgish

My Pilates method is characterized by its precision and focus on movement. Every exercise I teach is meticulously designed to engage every joint in your body.

My approach goes beyond traditional movements. I also work on aspects that are often neglected, such as stretching the feet, hands or shoulders to restore your range of motion.

I also work with you on relaxation and muscle release, to promote sleep and reduce pain.

For women, I offer specific work on the perineum muscles, as we all need to do this on a regular basis to avoid perineal dysfunction. I understand that my clients don't just come for the benefits of improving their physical condition through Pilates, but also to resolve various pain problems, such as back problems, headaches and strained necks commonly associated with office work. 

With me, Pilates goes beyond physical exercise. It becomes an initiation to better physical health, relief from aches and pains, improved body movement and overall well-being.

About The Founder
My personalized approach

Meet my Team

Anne Krust.jpg

Pilates Instructor

Anne Krust 

My Pilates is rhythmic and focuses on flexibility, strength, and body endurance. Trained in 2017 in Madrid, I worked for 5 years at a traditional Pilates school: Pilates Movement Studio Madrid. I taught group classes (up to 5 people) and private sessions on machines: Reformer, Cadillac, Wall Unit, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, and accessories. My background as a dancer (classical, contemporary, and flamenco) has fueled my passion for stretching. I love exploring sensations during stretches and seeking in traditional Pilates exercises a more accessible form for everyone to work on their flexibility by pushing their limits. I also conducted outdoor classes based on a different method (learned from a great Thai Yoga Master who trained me in flexibility). This method combines stretching and muscle strengthening in its exercises, and the session always ends with intense stretching according to the Thai yoga method. Now, I'm in Luxembourg to continue the adventure and offer a great Pilates experience to everyone. Training: After a well-founded training in dance, I obtained 2017 my Master in Pilates with the Pilates School Madrid. Since then I did continuous training, such as binomial stretching. Teaching languages English, French, Spanish

Martina Manzo.jpg

Pilates & Yoga Instructor

Martina Manzo

Taking care of people is my calling and you'll always be welcome in my classes... Raised and born in '89 in Milan (Italy), I discover Pilates when I was a teenager because of my brother, who was already a Pilates teacher at that time. I am an enthusiast about movement in general and I started my journey into it since I was a child. Swimming and dancing were my favorite disciplines. After high school I decided to start my journey into make-up and I graduated as a Professional Make Up Artist. But after a massive break down in 2017, I decided to change my life and I certified as Polestar Pilates comprehensive teacher (mat and equipment) in Rome with Serafino Ambrosio. In the meantime, I started my personal practice with Yoga and it stole my heart. I did mostly all the styles and I followed my mentor Kayla Nielsen in the Philippines to deepen my practice. In 2022, I decided to take a certification with Talia Sutra, so I'm a Yoga teacher too. My style is a mix of Ashtanga and Hatha. Training: I am a fully trained (mat and comprehensive) Pilates Teacher and a 200H Yoga teacher. My motto : Be kind without a reason, in class and in life. Giving a smile to someone is an act of love. Teaching languages: English, Italian


Pilates Instructor

Ioanna Thanasoula

"Change happens through movement, and movement heals", Joseph Pilates. I hail from Greece, holding a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a Master's in Finance. My journey with Pilates commenced at the age of 19 following a back injury. Recognizing its transformative effects firsthand, I've remained dedicated to Pilates ever since. Driven by passion, I pursued certification with APPI (The Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute). Transitioning from a disparate professional background, I now find myself realizing one of my greatest aspirations: serving as a Certified Pilates Instructor. I firmly believe in the healing power of movement, a principle I strive to impart during my classes. My joy lies in educating individuals on improving posture, enhancing strength, and integrating proper movement into their daily lives. Above all, I endeavor to instill a sense of care for one's own well-being. Since 2023, I've been teaching Matwork & Reformer Pilates in Luxembourg. My fervor and commitment extend to guiding expectant mothers and new moms, prompting me to pursue certification in Ante-Post Natal Pilates. I warmly invite you to join my classes at the studio and experience firsthand my passion for teaching!


Pilates Instructor

Giedrė Šidlauskė

I firmly believe that choosing to practice Pilates will provide your body with high-quality workouts... I'm Giedrė, a mother of two kids. My journey into Pilates began a long time ago while I was studying in Sweden, and since then, there's been no turning back. I graduated in theater studies with a specialization in choreography and pedagogy. I then embarked on a career as a professional dancer in a musical theater, where I discovered a wide range of movement possibilities. Later, as a dance teacher, I gained valuable pedagogical experience. Pilates has left a lasting impression on me with its efficient movements and the benefits it brings to my body. The combination of Pilates exercises has improved my energy flow, enhanced the stability of my body, increased my coordination, corrected my alignment, improved the elasticity of my muscles, and brought a sense of calm to my mind. I'm eagerly looking forward to sharing with you the daily benefits I experience through my Pilates workouts. ​ Training: I have completed 825 hours of teacher training certification with Corpus Studios (Level 3 Mat and Comprehensive) under the guidance of master trainer Kelly McKinnon. I have also completed specialized pregnancy training, which addresses the unique needs of pregnant and postpartum women. Teaching languages  English, Lithuanian

Ané Swart.jpg

Pilates Instructor

Ané Swart

My motivation is to help others to get a deeper appreciation of what their bodies are capable of... Running used to be my favourite thing in the world. But after not doing anything else for 3-4 years I started to pick up a few muscle imbalances and the injuries started to follow. Luckily one of my friends was doing a pilates course and was teaching me as part of building her practical hours. It did not take me long to realise that I had no idea how to access my core or even my glutes. Learning how to better utilise my body and seeing how it impacted everyday life was fascinating and made me view my body differently. This became my motivation to start teaching pilates, to help others to also get more out of movement and get a deeper appreciation of what their bodies are capable of. Training: I completed my BASI Pilates comprehensive teacher training in 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa and am qualified in both mat and apparatus. Teaching language: English

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