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About Time2Pilates

Located in Leudelange, Time2pilates is your dedicated studio for Pilates in Luxembourg.

Created by Stéphanie Oswald in 2019, all private sessions are a 100% personalized and adapted to your needs. Group classes take place in small groups from 2 to 3 people.

Our experienced instructors, top-of-the-line Reformer equipment, and serene atmosphere make it your go-to place for fitness, strengthening your body, posture refinement, and relaxation. 

Experience the many benefits of Reformer Pilates at Studio Time2pilates. Whether you're new to Pilates or a practitioner, our studio offers tailored sessions to suit all levels. 

Time2Pilates: a Studio born from my story!

My name is Stéphanie Oswald and I'm going to tell you how my story led me to create the Time2Pilates studio. For many years, I worked full-time as a project manager in an office, organizing and motivating training groups for running races, group training sessions and participation in other sporting events. 
Then an idea popped into my head: why not combine my professional experience with my passion for sport?

So, in 2019, I took my courage in both hands and founded Time2Pilates, opening my own pilates studio. Today, I'm proud to have created a place where people can rediscover their physical and mental well-being. Time2Pilates also represents my desire to share my personal experience, because what has worked for me could be beneficial for others too. In my daily practice, I try to define with you a project with a goal to achieve. Then, together, we'll do our best to perpetuate the benefits of our initial project, so as to reach a state where you feel physically and mentally well enough to tackle your daily challenges.

"Pilates cured my pain"

From an early age, my passion for sport has been omnipresent. However, a few years ago, due to persistent hip and lower back pain, I suffered a significant loss of mobility due to osteoarthritis, preventing me from continuing to practice the sports I was used to. This period of my life was both frustrating and extremely disabling, prompting me to look for solutions to regain my mobility and return to sport. 

Pilates played a key role in alleviating and healing my physical pain. Thanks to the Pilates Reformer, I was able not only to regain my mobility, but also to engage every joint in my body and strengthen my muscles in a balanced way. This experience enabled me to rediscover physical sensations I'd lost, particularly those associated with hiking, running and skiing.

Today, as our lifestyles become increasingly sedentary, many people suffer from physical difficulties and pain due to poor postural habits. Pilates offers a valuable alternative for improving physical fitness without the need for long, intensive training sessions.

It was my personal experience that inspired me to create Time2Pilates. My aim is clearly defined: to help anyone with physical problems to get back into optimum physical and mental shape, as my own personal journey has shown.

Our Pilates Instructors

At our studio, we are proud to introduce you to our team of dedicated Pilates instructors, each with it's own unique expertise and passion for promoting Pilates in Luxembourg. 

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Our Pilates Studio

Time2Pilates is a cozy and small studio in the center of Leudelange, only 10 minutes from Luxembourg city and from Esch. We offer private Pilates sessions, as well small group classes on Pilates machines and with small equipment. Our Studio is equipped with everything you need for a good workout including changing room  and shower. 


4a, Rue des Roses
L-3367 Leudelange




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