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Private sessions

For whom are private sessions?

Private sessions are perfect if:

  • you want to work on your personal goals like fighting back/neck pain or if you want to become generally stronger and more flexible

  • you have a particular pathology, like scoliosis, osteoarthritis, etc. or you had a hip/knee operation or a hip/knee replacement and you want to regain more quality of life

  • you are having a baby soon (from 2nd trimester on only) or you just had a baby and want to get back into shape

What is the advantage of private sessions?

In private sessions you will get a personalized plan that fits 100% to your needs and that allows you to observe your progress over 6 weeks. 

How often should I practice Pilates per week?

Obviously, the more the better if you want to see quick results. But if you can make time once a week for Pilates, then you will feel and see results quiet quickly. 

Book a Private Sessions

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