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Pilates classes

At Time2Pilates we offer the following classes: 

We also offer private or collective classes on demand outside the studio.

Please contact us via 

What are the different class types?


Pilates Mat

Pilates Matwork uses body weight, props and gravity for resistance. 

It is flowing and continuous, creative, fun and feels amazing and allows you to move in all directions. 

Our Pilates Group Classes are a mixture between Pilates exercises using small props like balls, weights or Thera bands and stretching.  


Pilates Apparatus

The practice is on a bed-like frame that uses different weighted spring combinations to create resistance when we move the carriage back and forth. Using a reformer bed allows to target those small muscle groups, which contribute to form long, lean muscles. 

We also use the Cadillac or Chair in our classes depending on the objective of the class.

First Timers

If you are a first timer, you can directly sign in for a private appointment or a collective class. Check out the FAQ to know what you need for your first participation.

If you prefer a private introduction session to get to know the Pilates method and to set your training objectives with your instructor, then sign up for a private introduction session below. The private class introduction offer is only available once, to new clients.