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About me


Since ever I am a sports enthusiast and I love being outdoors, but I had to abandon my favorite sports a couple of years ago due to pain linked to osteoarthritis. So I had to find a new sport which I could do without any pain and still find my pleasure. At that time, I started doing different types of Yoga.

After a hip operation, I did a lot of Yoga to recover the flexibility in my hip and to get rid of back pain linked to my scoliosis and bad postural habits, e.g. like sitting in the office. 

When my Yoga teacher recommended me to try Pilates, I had to give it a go. That's when I found a new way of training my body in a healthy way: strengthening my core and recovering my flexibility.

And that was the start of a total new body feeling as I could feel very quickly the benefits Pilates was offering to me! After a couple of sessions, I felt so much better after the training and after a couple of month I finally got a new body feeling with so much less pain.

Nowadays, I know exactly how to treat my body and which exercises give the best benefit according to my situation.

I certified a 565 hours teacher training certification with Corpus Studios (Level 2 Mat and Comprehensive) with the Master Trainer Kelly McKinnon and want to share my knowledge with now you. I also completed a specific training for pregnancy to cover special needs for pre- and post-natal workouts. 


It is a pleasure for me to help people help themselves. I hope to see you soon and get the chance to help you to a better body feeling.

Stephanie Oswald

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